Sunday, April 20, 2008


I did the math.
If I bought a pack of cigarettes a day for 11 years - considering I've been smoking since I was 15 - paying 3 dollars for each pack (I averaged this: 2.50$ in Japan then 4$ for a pack of cheap Iranian cigs after I came here).
I have spend 11.000,00 US$ (ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS)in cigarettes.
Some might look at this and say that is enough money to buy a used car, or half a down payment for a small condo, almost a year tuition at UC Berkeley or some other shit we need. But I think:
Money well spent.
The countless breaks from boring conversations.
The sure excuse to go outside and be by myself at those horrible parties.
I got to go outside when it was hot.
I got to go outside just because I didn't want to be at Gravity anymore.
Something to do with my hands when all I wanted was to strangle those people.
The nicotine rush after a test.
The taste of cigarettes and coffee in the morning.
The excuse to take a walk, and talk myself out walking away from the office.
Inhaling after orgasms.

I know. I am melodramatic. But I really miss it, you know?

Even though it was killing me and all...

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camila said...

If I knew you were going to leave us like that, I would have given you a packege of Marlboro everyday and smoke with you...
Sorry Mari...